"Y-you did it.....!" Nighta spoke as she floated up into the air with her newly spread out wings shining in the sunlight. Whilst everyone cheered down below, Nighta realised she was flying and the fact when she looked at her check status, 'Check - Lv: 20 Df: 99 At: 99 Description - Nighta a Fallen Angel was brought back from the dead after falling down Mount Ebott weakly and dying, only helping her sister Chara survive' "I'm called 'Nighta'? But I-I thought?" She stumbled.

"Hey get down here and celebrate sis!" Called Asriel. Nighta put on a fake/real smile on her face and flew down to her little brother Asriel and his adopted sister Frisk. 'Wait wheres Chara?!' she thought.

"W-wheres Chara?" She asked

"Chara? That brat of a kid. She died after the genocide route" Sans spoke with anger in his voice as he said Chara's name.

"D-dead?" Nighta stumbled.

"Yeah, she died after being here a few months from being brought back from death." Frisk said sadly

"B-but her soul couldn't take it." Asriel spoke after her.

"A-and s-she died...." Nighta spoke emotionless.

"We're sorry human, w-we tri-!" Papyrus tried talking to Nighta but she shoved him out the way, making sans go nearly ballistic,

"I don't go by human to you, Papyrus I am your Worst Nightmare, or FoR sHoRt NiGhTaMaRe

Turns out she didn't shove him with her hands but her knife.

Sans lunged at Nighta, who just laughed, and disappeared.

Well this is certainly A New Beginning....

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